Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce Is Worthy Of Focus RS

Alfa Romeo’s new Giulia can’t really be considered as a Ford Focus RS rival right now because of the trim option that Alfa Romeo is offering right now.

The base model will come with a 280hp engine while the top of the range model will come with a 505hp engine. The Ford Focus RS, on the other hand, will come with a 350hp engine. With what these models are offering right now, they can’t be considered as rivals yet but that might change soon as new report suggest that Alfa Romeo might be working on something to sit in between the base model and the top of the range model.

According to Autoevolution reports, the Alfa Romeo Giulia could be getting a new Giulia Veloce model here in the US. It is said that the Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce will be coming in with a 350hp four cylinder engine.

If that is true, the new trim will put the Alfa Romeo Giulia right in the path of the Ford Focus RS. Hopefully, more details will surface soon. Protection Status