Alfa Romeo Could Take Ferrari’s Wheel For F1

Alfa Romeo has been missing from the F1 race for some time now and while we don’t think we will be seeing it in the race anytime soon, it seems like Sergio Marchionne thinks that it would be a great idea to have the Alfa Romeo back into the game.

The boss of Ferrari told the journalist that he thinks Alfa Romeo would be the perfect stepping stone for young Italian drivers. He added that young Italian drivers are struggling to find a place in the industry right now and Alfa Romeo could be the one to offer them the space they need. These drivers will then have the experience to race for the top models like Ferrari in the future.

Does that mean that Alfa Romeo will be making a comeback? Well, not really. According to Marchionne, the on the road cars are still Alfa Romeo’s main priority and that we might have to wait before we see it come back but he added that he is hoping that they would be able to bring it back.

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