Acura MDX Got The Whole Thing Wrong

The SEMA show is the time for automakers to let loose and go crazy with their design features. We were all excited to see what Acura has come out with this year but all that excitement was for nothing.

Acura will be showing off the NSX GT3 based Acura MDX this year. Even though there were so many things that Acura could have carried forward, they ended up choosing some of the most insignificant NSX GT3 features to bring over.

The NSX GT3 features that made it to the Acura MDX includes the huge front splitter that looks like it was fitted on correctly, the wing and the paint. Any other direction would have been better than this and we are a little disappointed that this is what Acura ended up working on.

Check out the image for yourself and tell us what you think of the Acura MDX SEMA.

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