5 Apps That Can Help You Learn English Fast

If there is one thing great about smartphones is the apps that actually teach you a new language. Today, we are going to look into 5 of the best English language apps in the market.

1. Duolingo
Ever wish to learn English like playing video games? Then this is the app for you. There is a skill tree which tracks your progress and you get achievements when completing lessons. There are also lives and losing them all means game over.

2. LearnEnglish Grammar UK Edition/ US Edition
It is a straightforward app that is all about learning and results. There are tutorials, 12 grammar topics and 20 activities per topic.

3. Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge
This quiz app tests your vocabulary and grammar in a super fun way. You also get to compete with other users. Truly motivational.

4. MyWorkBook 2
It is an interactive vocabulary notebook app that offers flashcards which shows pictures; plays sound and come up with sentences for you to learn. You can even make your own cards.

5. Fun Easy Learn English
It is a fun vocabulary app with over 6,000 words in the database. There are 7 different games with spin categories to turn you into a walking thesaurus.

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