3 Failures Of Tesla Autopilot Pointed Out

We have all heard of how the Tesla Autopilot fails to perform as promised and how some owners have gotten into trouble because if it, well, here are some of the biggest failures of the Tesla Autopilot system.

While the Autopilot system does do a great job at identifying situations where it can’t handle, the alert system does not a good enough job of actually notifying the driver that they need to take over and more often than not, the driver will not even notice that the system is alerting them.

Another issue that some people have pointed out was the fact that the rear sensors do not scan far enough. When the autopilot systems prepared to overtake a slower moving vehicle in the front, the rear sensor will scan the back of the car to make sure it is safe. While the vehicle will have no problem detecting vehicles that are near, it can’t really detect vehicles that are a bit further but is moving fast and that could lead to a crash of the car does not react in time.

NHTSA has also pointed out that the forward collision warning system is recommended for all Tesla model because the emergency braking system is not going to be enough.

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