2019 Ford Ranger: Colorado Might Get Burn

The Chevrolet Colorado position in the market is pretty secure right now but will that be the case when Ford walks in with their Ford Ranger next year.

Even though the Ford Ranger has been out of the US market for some time now, the vehicle continued to perform in markets like Australia. Even before the upgrade, the current Ford Ranger is already pretty intimidating.

The Ford Ranger now comes with features like backup camera, USB port, parking sensors, navigation and dual-zone climate control. We know that the upcoming model will be getting a new exterior design as well as a few new features like the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support.

With all the upgrades, do you think the Chevrolet Colorado stand a chance or will the Ford Ranger dominate the market the moment it arrives? The new Ford Ranger should be arriving next year as a 2019 model.

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