2018 Volkswagen Atlas Wants A Piece Of Honda Ridgeline

It does feel like all automakers want to produce now are either SUVs or trucks and so far, Volkswagen has only been involved in one of them here in the US, the SUVs. However, new reports suggests that Volkswagen might also be thinking about taking on the truck market soon.

Dr. Matthias Erb told CarBuzz that Volkswagen has been talking about turning the eVolkswagen Atlas into a truck saying that it might be an option in the future. Of course, it will not be easy as the US market is already filled up with trucks from Ford, GM, Honda and more.

Of course, this will not be the first time VOlksagen is offering their customers a truck. They also have an Amarok pickup truck in some other market but they have already made it clear that the Amarok will not be making its way to the US.

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