2018 Toyota Supra Not Fooling Honda

Ever since Toyota announced that they will be working with BMW on the new Toyota Supra, the performance model has been getting a lot of attention. If Toyota does not mess this up, the Toyota Supra could be a huge success but all of that was not enough to convince Honda that working with another automaker could be a good thing.

Honda was asked if they planned to work with another automaker in the near future on one of their models and Honda made it clear that they currently do not have any plans to work with any other automaker.

They also added that they have decided that they would like to remain independent for the time being. While we do admire their determination especially when all the other automaker seems to be working on something with another, some people think that their stubbornness might cost them in the end. Their sales number have been dropping and will most likely continue to drop if they don’t figure something out.

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