2018 Toyota Supra: Honda Doing It Their Own Way

As we all know, the new and upcoming 2018 Toyota Supra will be build with the help of BMW as Toyota announce their new partnership with BMW but that is not the only partnership that Toyota has going on right now. It is said that there are also working with Suzuki as well.

If the partnerships do end up working out for Toyota, do you think that Honda will use the same method to boost the sales of one of their future mode? Well, not really. It is said that Honda is not interested in building any partnership for now.

It is believed that Honda still wants to be independent and does not want to work with the other automakers but is that really the way to go now. We know the overall sales of Honda have been dropping while their rivals seem to be catching up fast.

If they don’t adapt fast, Honda might get trampled over by the other automakers. Do you think Honda should step out from their box and try working with the other automakers or do you think they are great the way they are right now?

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