2018 Ram 1500 Costs $1 Billion To Be Reliable

Well, it looks like FCA is finally taking the reliability issue if their vehicles seriously this time around as they plan to invest in a new test track for one of their assembly plants.

As popular as their models are right now, models like the Ram 1500 are known for not being the most reliable vehicle in the market and that has definitely affected the sales of the model.

According to FCA, their Sterling Heights assembly plant will be getting an upgrade so that it can cope with building the Ram 1500. Automotive News reported that FCA will be investing close to $1billion in their Sterling Heights plant and that the upgrade will include a new on-site test track.

Besides getting a test track, the plant should also be getting some new equipment and machinery. The plant itself will also be upgraded and so will the paint shop, chassis finishing, and frame unloading area.

Hopefully after all of this, the Ram 1500 would arrive being a lot more reliable than before.

Steven Estevez

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