2018 Porsche Cayenne: Audi Q7 & Macan Getting Things Right

The Porsche Macan looks great which is why we are not surprised that Porshe had decided to use the Macan design to design the new Porsche Cayenne but of course, the Macan is not the only vehicle helping out here.

Based on the new spy shots, it is clear that the Cayenne will be getting a new design that resembles what we saw on the Porsche Macan. On top of that, the Cayenne also seems to be taking a few tips from the Porshe Panamera Sports Turismo as well.

Besides getting help from the other Porsches, the Cayenne will also be borrowing the Audi Q7’s platform. The lighter platform should help take off at least 340 to 440 pounds when the new Cayenne arrives.

We are still in the dark about the engines and specs of the Cayenne. More details should surface soon as we get closer to the release date of the Porsche Cayenne.

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