2018 Nissan Z: Going Back To Go Forward

It is not that the latest Nissan Z is bad but it certainly was not as good as the first Nissan Z. When Nissan first brought out the Nissan Z, the vehicle was all fun thanks to its light and nimble body but those are not the things that you can say about the latest Nissan Z anymore.

Which each upgrade, it felt like the Nissan Z grew bulkier and heavier. The fans are hoping that if Nissan does decide to bring the Nissan Z back, they would bring out a model that is light and nimble once more.

In fact, most people seems to agree that the new Infiniti Q60 would be a great inspiration for the Nissan Z. Of course, we do not know if Nissan is really going to release a new Nissan Z or not. Nissan has never indicated that they are working on one.

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