2018 Mazda RX-9 vs Toyota Supra: No Battle To See Here

Now that we know that the Toyota Supra will be arriving, we were hoping that we will also get to see the Mazda RX-9 as well since this two are some of the best models to go up against each other but it looks like we can forget about seeing this two go up against each other.

With Toyota confirming the arrival of the Toyota Supra, all we need now is the Mazda RX-9 but according to Mazda, the RX-9 will not be happening. Mazda announces that they currently have no plans to build a new sports car that is larger than the Mazda MX-5 which means the RX-9 is out of the picture now.

The reason why so many people believe that the Mazda RX-9 was going to happen was because Mazda confirms that they already have a team of people that are working on the rotary engine right now. Maybe they will have some other use for the engine but we are definitely not going to see it under the hood of the Mazda RX-9.

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