2018 Mazda RX-9 vs Toyota Supra: A Battle That Will Never Happen

With Toyota confirming the Toyota Supra, the fans were hoping that Mazda would also bring out the Mazda RX-9 to compete with the Supra but it looks like Mazda has no interest to battle the Supra right now.

Although Mazda has already made it clear that they have a team working on a rotary engine, they’ve never said that they were going to build a new RX-9 and now they have just revealed that they will not be building any new Sports Car that is larger than the Mazda MX-5.

Since the Mazda RX-9 belongs to that category, it is safe to say that the Mazda RX-9 is out of the picture for the time being. Fans have been waiting for Mazda to revive the RX model for some time now and this latest announcement will surely be a huge disappointment for many of the fans.

The new Toyota Supra will be built with the help of BMW.

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