2018 Honda Odyssey Snubs AWD For Good Reason

Even though their rivals like the Crysler Pacifica and Toyota Sienna are all heading down the AWD path, Honda decided to not offer the Honda Odyssey with the AWD system and it looks like they might have a good reason for that.

Unlike their rivals, the 2018 Honda Odyssey will still be a two wheel drive vehicle. According to Honda, they did it to make sure the Honda Odyssey stay functional. They explain that to give the vehicle an AWD system, they will need to raise the vehicle and that will have an impact on the interior of the Odyssey and they do not want that.

Since the Honda Odyssey ahs always been about the spacious and functional interior, reducing the space of the interior just did not make sense to Honda. They finish up their statement by saying that those looking for a lifted minivan can always go for the Honda Pilot.

Do you think Honda has a point?

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