2018 Honda Civic Type R: Golf R Not In Firing Line, Still Might Get Hurt

We know that Honda is itching to get back on the Nurburgring track after their Honda Civic Type R got beaten by Golf R. The Civic Type R has been dominating the tracks for years only to have Volkswagen come in and take the title from them.

However, according to Honda, they have no intention of beating the Volkswagen Golf R when their Honda Civic Type R is ready. They reveal that their goal right now is to make sure they beat the time of their previous model. If that new time so happens to be better than the Volkswagen Golf R, then that is another bonus.

We know that Volkswagen had to rip off the rear seats, floor mats, armrest and more to get that time so Honda will have to give it everything they have if they planned to beat that.

There is not a whole lot of information about the Honda Civic Type R right now but hopefully more details will surface soon.

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