2018 Honda Civic: Electrifying Year

It does feel like Honda is focusing more on the electrifying their vehicles now. Not only are they working on a new 2018 all-electric model but they are bringing back the hybrid option on a few of their popular models like the Honda Accord and Honda CR-V.

After removing the hybrid option on the Honda Accord, Honda decided to offer it once more. The current Honda Accord hybrid will be returning about 48mpg on average. There were also talks about the Honda CR-V possibly getting a hybrid engine for 2018 to compete with the Toyota RAV4 hybrid. A lot of people seems to think that the missing hybrid is what’s costing the Honda CR-V the top spot.

If the Honda CR-V does get a hybrid engine, it is highly possible that the Honda Civic will also be getting one. Although Honda has not indicated that they will be offering one for the 2017 model some fans believe that the 2018 model will come with a hybrid option. Do you think the Honda Civic should be getting a hybrid option?

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