2018 Honda Accord The Only One Not Loving The Civic Now

Everybody seems to be pretty pleased with what Honda is offering on the Honda Civic right now except for the Honda Accord. With all the upgrades that the Honda Civic got including a size upgrade, the Civic is now getting a little too close to the Accord and the Accord will have no choice but to adapt to it but what if the fans don’t want the Accord to change.

The one thing that the Accord will probably get is a size upgrade since the Civic size is almost as big as the Accord now. While it will be nice to have even more space on the inside, the fans are saying that they like what the Honda Accord is offering right now and that they think that upgrading its size would make it too bulky.

Besides getting a size upgrade, the Honda Accord will also be getting an engine upgrade to match what the Civic is offering. It is believed that it will be powered by the same engine but the Accord will be tuned to deliver more.

We are also expecting to see the Civic design make it onto the Accord.

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