2018 Honda Accord Not Going To Thank Civic

The Honda Accord might be getting the Honda Civic design and more but it will not be thanking the Civic at the end of the day.

Among the upgrade that Honda gave the Honda Civic was the new body size. To make their customers more comfortable inside, Honda decided to increase the size of the Honda Civic. With the upgrade, the Honda Civic is now a little too close to the Honda Accord.

Based on the Honda Accord spy shots, it is clear that the Honda Accord will also be getting a size upgrade but unlike Civic’s situation, the Accord customers are not looking forward to an upsize Honda Accord. Most of them feel like the Honda Accord size is just right and that Honda will ruin it if they make it any bigger.

The bulkier Honda Accord will not only be getting the Civic design but it will also be riding on the same platform and will be powered by the same engine although the Accord engine will most likely be tuned to deliver more.

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