2018 Honda Accord: Is There Any Other Way?

After all the upgrades that the Honda Civic got last year, the Honda Accord will be a force to go the way that nobody wants it to go.

One of the biggest updates that we saw on the Honda Civic was its size upgrade. After all the talk about the Civic having a narrow interior, Honda finally decided to do something about it and gave the Honda Civic a wider body.

However, a wider body means that the Civic is now too close to what the Accord is offering. To make sure the Accord sales are not affected, Honda will have to widen the body of the Accord as well. Based on the spy shots, that is exactly what Honda will be doing.

As nice as it is to have more interior space, some fans are saying that the wider body would ruin the Accord for good as it will make the vehicle way to bulky. While we do agree, what choice does the Accord really have?

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