2018 Honda Accord: Civic Becomes Savior & Killer

After all the attention the Honda Civic got when it came in with the new design, it made sense that Honda would also give the Honda Accord a similar design upgrade. If it works, why not.

While we do agree that the Honda Accord would benefit from the new design language that Honda has offered on the Honda Civic, not all the Civic upgrade will be beneficial to the Honda Accord.

Besides getting a new exterior design, the new Honda Civic also came with a bigger body. The size upgrade meant that the Honda Civic size is now much closer to what Honda is offering on the Honda Accord. To make sure the sales of the Accord is not affected Honda will also need to give the Honda Accord a size upgrade.

In most cases, a size upgrade is welcome. Who would say no to more space right? Well, the Honda Accord fans would. A lot of them seems to agree that the Honda Accord has a perfect size right now and that the Accord will become too bulky if Honda were to give it a bigger body.

Do you agree?

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