2018 Honda Accord: Changes For The Worst

People are usually happy when a certain model is made wider because that means it will come with more interior space and in the case of the Honda Accord, that might not be a good thing. After the upgrades that the Honda Civic receives, it is believed that Honda will also have to increase the size of the Honda Accord so that it stay separated from the Honda Civic.

While that means we will be getting more space on the inside of the Honda Accord, the fans are saying that they are not too happy with the upgrade. Many of them feel like the Honda Accord is already the right size right now and that increase its body size will make it too bulky.

Not only will be the Honda Accord come with a wider body but it is believed that it will come with a new design that is based on the Honda Civic. The Accord is also expected to come riding on the Civic platform and will most likely be getting the same engine as well although the Honda Accord engine will most likely be upgraded so that it is slightly more powerful.

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