2018 Honda Accord: Bulking Up Is The Only Way To Go

Most people does not have any issue with the size of the Honda Accord, it fact, a lot of people thinks that the Honda Accord size is just right. However, after the upgrade the Civic received, the Accord will have no other choice by to bulk up as well.

With the Honda Civic now coming in with a longer and wider body, the vehicle is starting to get a little too close to the Honda Accord. While there is still some differences, the size difference is close enough to convince the consumers that the Civic might be the better buy.

To make sure that does not happen, Honda will be giving the Honda Accord a size upgrade as well or at least that is what some of the spy shots are suggesting. The Accord in the spy images looked like it is wider compared to the current model.

It is said that the Honda Accord will also be getting a new design that is based on the Civic and it might come fitted with the same engine as well.

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