2018 Ford Ranger Will Be Playing With Your Mood?

As of now, there is not much to know about the upcoming Ford Ranger model other than the fact that Ford will be giving it a new deign and a long list of new features.

Ford has recently announced that they are researching on a new tech that will gauge the mood of the driver using microphones and in-car cameras. The vehicle will then react to the mood and perform an action based on it.

For example with the system knows that the driver likes to listen to certain songs when he or she is stressed, it will play it when it detects that the driver is stressed and also adjust the lighting to soothe the driver.

They added that the system will work with their new Sync 3 in the future. Of course, seeing it on the upcoming Ford Ranger might be a little too optimistic but we like where Ford is going with this new tech.

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