2018 Ford Mustang: Too Early To Judge

Now that the Ford Mustang has been around for a few years, Ford is more than ready to give it an upgrade. In fact, they are already working on it. Although they were a few leaks and reports about some of the changes the Ford Mustang will be getting, there is still a lot that we do not know about the 2018 Ford Mustang.

Some spy shots seem to indicate that the upcoming Ford Mustang will be coming in with a hood bulge which seems a little odd but we can’t say for sure until they tear off the camo stickers. Some people think that the bulge is there due to some powertrain revision.

While it is clear that Ford is working on giving it a major upgrade, most people believe that the overall design language will still be there when the 2018 model arrives.

However, these are all just speculation based on the limited amount of spy shots that we have right now. Most people think that it is just way too early to judge right now and that the spy shots could be a really early prototype of the Mustang and that the final product will look nothing like it.

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