2018 Ford Focus RS: It’s Already Old News

We are still waiting for the refresh 2018 Ford Focus RS model to arrive but all eyes are no longer on it as new spy shots of the upcoming 2019 Ford Focus were released online.

Even though the vehicle was heavily covered in camo stickers and padding, the fact that Ford is already started to test it out in the open had a lot of people excited. The 2019 Ford Focus will mostly likely be the base for the Ford Focus RS as well as the Ford Focus ST model.

From what we can see, the new 2018 Ford Focus is going to be longer and wider compared to the current model and that means more space on the inside for the passengers and hopefully more cargo space as well.

The most interesting part was that the spy shots showed that the vehicle came with a manual transmission. Most automakers are working to get rid of the manual transmission now so it is nice to see that the Ford Focus might still be keeping it around.

You can check out the spy shots here.

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