2018 Ford Expedition Will Make You Pay For Upgrade

After what Ford did to the Ford F-150, fans were hoping that the same kind of upgrade will be offered to the Ford Expedition and the fans got what they wanted as Ford announce their plans to upgrade the Ford Expedition but will the consumers want it if they have to pay more for it.

There is not a whole lot of information about the upcoming Ford Expedition right now but it has been reported that Ford will be giving it the same kind of aluminum treatment that they gave the Ford F-150.

With the upgrade, we can expect the Ford Expedition to not only weigh less but it should also have better performance and improved fuel economy. Despite all the benefit, some people believe that the Ford Expedition will also be coming in with a bigger price tag.

Since the upgrade will require Ford to upgrade the plant, some consumers are worried that Ford will transfer the extra cost to the consumers and increase the price of the Ford Explorer. Others think that the Ford Explorer retail price is high enough and that Ford will be able to cover the additional cost without having to increase the price of the vehicle.

What do you think?

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