2018 Ford Expedition: Toughness Not The Main Concern

A lot of people were worried that aluminum will not be a strong enough material when Ford first announce that they were going to upgrade the Ford F-150 to become an aluminum model but Ford has already proved that it is stronger than we think.

It has been reported that after the Ford F-150, Ford is now looking to upgrade the Ford Expedition as well as while nobody seems to have any issue with the toughness of the Ford Expedition, the upgrade will raise one concern.

We know that upgrade to aluminum will also mean that Ford will have to invest in upgrading the plant and more. That means the cost to build the Ford Expedition would rise.

Some people believe that because of that, the Ford Expedition will come with a higher price tag.Other think that the high selling price of the Expedition will be more than enough to cover the cost but we will have to wait and see.

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