2018 Ford Bronco: Who’s Copying Who?

Now that Ford has officially confirmed at the Detroit Auto Show that the Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco will both be coming to the US, fans are starting to speculate about the design of both these models.

Previously, it was reported that the new Ford Bronco will be coming in with a new design based on the upcoming Ford Ranger. That has lead many fans to believe that the Ford Bronco will end up looking like the Ford Everest, a Ford Ranger-based SUV that is offered in markets like Australia.

However, it has been reported that the Ford Ranger that we will be getting here in the US will be coming with an all-new design. While we still do not know what Ford plans to do right now, there have been talks about that the Ford Ranger new design might be based on the older Ford Bronco.

If that is the case, the new Ford Bronco might look more familiar than we thought it would be.

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