2018 Ford Bronco: No Surprise Waiting For Us

Everybody is waiting to see what the new Ford Bronco will look like. Most people are hoping that Ford will keep the Ford Bronco identity but how recognizable would the Ford Bronco be?

Well, based on what Ford is saying, the Ford Bronco will look like itself when it arrives. Does that mean that we will not be getting a Ford Everest clone? We know that the Ford Bronco will be build based on the Ford Ranger and we also know that the Ford Bronco will not be the only Ranger-based SUV out there. There is also the Ford Everest which is being offered in Australia right now.

Some people are worried that the Ford Ranger will end up being just another Everest but it is said that the Broncos will be getting a different platform to start with and it also looks like Ford is determined to keep the Bronco’s identity.

The Bronco will only be arriving in 2020 so we probably won’t be getting any real answers right now.

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