2018 Ford Bronco Leaves Ford Mustang For Dead

Ford had a sweet taste of success when they brought out the new Ford Mustang a few years ago but that won’t last forever. We know that the Ford Mustang sales have been declining and because of that, Ford temporarily shut down some of their production plants but it looks like even that won’t save the Ford Mustang.

With SUV on the rise, Ford is also working to make sure that they have an SUV that is capable of competing with their rival. Their weapon of choice is a new Ford Bronco model based on the Ford Ranger.

If the Ford Bronco does arrives, chances are the SUV will get so much attention that people will forget all about their muscle car. We do not know if Ford has any other plans to help boost the sales of the Ford Mustang but based on what we can see now, the future is not looking too bright for the current Ford Mustang.

Steven Estevez

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