2018 Ford Bronco: How Recognizable Will It Be?

The thing with the Ford Bronco is that is has been gone for so long that we don’t really expect it to look exactly the same when it arrives but will it be recognizable? Well, according to Ford, it will.

We know that the Ford Bronco design will be based on the Ford Ranger which will be getting a new design as well. According to Ford, the Ford Bronco will look very familiar. While they did not elaborate, that is good news.

Some people are saying that the Ford Bronco will just end up being another Ford Everest but with a different badge but it is believed that the Bronco and the Everest will both be riding on different platforms so they should look different.

The new Ford Bronco will only be arriving in 2019 one year after Ford is done with the Ford Ranger.

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