2018 Audi RS5 Takes Biturbo V6 Further Than Panamera 4S

The Porsche Panamera 4S might be the first sports car to come with the biturbo V6 TFSI engine but they won’t the most powerful biturbo V6 TFSI engine around as Audi announce their plans for the Audi RS4 and Audi RS5.

According to Motor1, the upcoming Audi RS5 and Audi RS4 will be powered by the 29 liter V6 engine which will allow them to deliver about 450hp and 442lb ft of torque which mean the new Audi will be delivering about 10hp and 35lb ft of torque more than the Porsche Panamera 4S.

Thanks to the engine upgrade, the Audi RS models will only need four seconds to go from 0-60mpg will probably have a high speed that exceeds 155mph. The new RS5 production will be starting in June this year while the RS4 production will only be starting at the end of December.

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