2018 Audi A7: A Lot To Gain

Audi announces that they will be upgrading some of their models for 2018 and the A7 will be one of the many models that Audi will be working on. One of the main focus this time according to Audi is to give their models a new distinctive design that they can call their own.

We know that Audi has always got teased for offering models that looked similar to each other. People often have problems differentiating their models and Audi is looking to do something about that.

Audi reveals that the Audi A7 will be coming in with a brand new design. The 2018 model will be inspired by the racing yacht so expect to see it coming with a sleeker and aggressive looking exterior design.

Some of the other models that will also be getting the makeover include the Audi A8 and Audi A6.

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