2017 Toyota Prius Prime Is Going To Get Cold

It was initially reported that Toyota will be releasing their new plug-in hybrid Prius Prime model in Japan this fall but it looks like those waiting to get the new Prius Prime in Japan will have to wait for a few more months before they can get their hands on one.

Toyota announced that they will only be releasing the Prius Prime in Japan this winter instead of fall. No explanation was given but the late arrival will most likely affect the arrival of the Prius Prime here in North America and Europe.

The new Toyota Prius Prime model will be powered by an 8.8kWh battery pack that will allow the Prius Prime to travel for 22miles on electric alone. Toyota also made some minor changes to the exterior design so that it does not get mixed up with the standard model.

According to Toyota, the Toyota Prius Prime should be offering about 168mpg when it arrives.

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