2017 Toyota Prius C: More Than Just Efficient

It is all about safety for Toyota and Toyota Prius C as Toyota reveal some of the new safety features that the 2017 Toyota Prius C will be getting as standard safety features.

According to Toyota, all 2017 Toyota Prius C model will be fitted with the Safety Sence C system which will come with the collision-avoidance system as well as a whole range of sensors. The Prius C will also be fitted with nine airbags and a stability control system.

Besides getting a few more safety features, the 2017 Toyota Prius C will also be given a minor exterior upgrade giving it an edgier exterior. The Prius C will also deliver about 46mpg on average now.

Hopefully, all these upgrades will help get the Toyota Prius C right not track again. The sales of the model have been dropping this few years. The highest sales number ever recorded was back in 2013.

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