2017 Toyota Plays Affordable Mid-Engine Card, GM’s Turn Next

Toyota is getting serious about their performance model as they confirm that they will be working on three performance model. The highly anticipated Toyota Supra, the GT86 as well as the MR2 successor.

There is not a whole lot of detail right now but it is believed that Toyota’s goal will be to have the MR2 successor be made simple and light. There is also a possibility that the MR2 Successor would be getting some hybrid tech from the LMP1 due to emission regulation. That means it would most likely stay as a mid-engine model.

The GT86, on the other hand, should be getting a few minor updates. Some people are hoping that Europe will be getting something like the GRNM version that Toyota offered in Japan last year but we will have to wait and see.

Then there is the Supra. Toyota will be working with BMW to get the Supra right and we can’t wait to see what come out with.

With Toyota declaring war now, what do you think GM will be doing to answer them?

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