2017 Toyota C-HR Showing Us Who’s In Charge

There is no doubt here that the Toyota C-HR was designed to please the driver. While some people are trying to decide if they like the outrageous looking Toyota C-HR. Let us see what the new model has to offer on the inside.

From what we can see in new Toyota C-HR will be fitted with a few interior features that will include the privacy glass, heated seats, smart entry system, part leather seats and more. The center console was made to be slightly tilted towards the driver so that the driver can have access to all the controls.

Not everybody liked what Toyota has done to the C-HR and we do admit that we do think that the C-HR is a little too aggressive although it does have its charm. The coupe-like design and huge arches will be sure to turn a few heads when it passes.

Steven Estevez

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