2017 Tesla Model S: Losing Comfort For Numbers

With the Tesla Model S, most people will think of it as the ultimate luxury performance car because of the numbers the P100D model can offer but the fact is that the Tesla Model S is a family car.

When it comes to a family car, the comfort is as important as the performance and design and according to Carwow’s Mat Watson, the Tesla Model S did not impress him when it comes to comfort.

He pointed out that the rear seat position is a little too low and that the passenger will need time to get used to it. He also did not like the fact that the interior does not feel like a luxury model. The fact that you can’t store anything in the doors did not sit well with him too.

Nobody would really argue about whether or not the Tesla Model S is a great vehicle or not but you might want to think twice if you are looking to use it as a family car.

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