2017 Tesla Model 3: First Problem Already Started

The Tesla Model 3 is not here yet, in fact, nobody knows when Tesla will be releasing it but it looks like problems have already started even before the Model 3 can come in.

A few Tesla owners have already started complaining about how long they have to wait just to get their Tesla model fixed. According to their customers, Tesla’s service center is so backed up that they need to wait for 7 to 10 days just to get some minor issue fixed.

Those with major issues will have to wait for weeks before their Tesla can be fixed. It feels like the service center are just being overwhelmed by the amount of Tesla that needs fixing.

All of these is happening before the Tesla model 3 arrives. It will only get worst when Tesla releases the Model 3. Hopefully, Tesla will get this issue resolved before they start delivering their Model 3s.

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