2017 Tesla Model 3: Can Ugly Be Hidden?

Tesla unveiled the Tesla Model 3 a few years ago and since then, we have already seen a few of their other models hit the road. So far, the Tesla models that we have been looked great which is why it is easy to believe that the Tesla Model 3 will look great when it arrives but if you were to look a the Tesla Model 3 that Tesla showed us a few years ago, it is clear that the Tesla Model 3 will be nowhere close to what the Model S or Model X is offering right now.

Of course, Tesla will fit the Tesla Model 3 with all the fancy tech that they can afford and that might convince the buyers that they the car was worth waiting but will all that tech be enough to hide the fact that the Tesla Model 3 might not be the most attractive EV in the market.

The production model will most likely be getting an exterior upgrade before it arrives but don’t expect the original Tesla Model 3 design to just disappear.

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