2017 Porsche Macan GTS vs Audi SQ5 Plus: Only One Winner

Porsche and Audi both belong to Volkswagen Group but that does not mean that they are not looking forward to taking down one another. Here we have the Porsche Macan GTS and the Audi SQ5. Which of the two do you think deserves to win?

The Porsche Macan GTS will be powered by a 3.0-liter V6 engine that will be offering about 265kW and 500Nm of torque. The Macan engine will also be mated to a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. The Audi SQ5 Plus, on the other hand, will be powered by a 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 engine that will be offering about 250kW and 700Nm of torque. The engine will be mated to an eight-speed transmission.

On the inside, the Porsche Macan GTS will come with a few optional features like Apple CarPlay and park assist tech although they won’t come cheap. Compared top the Porsche, the Audi SQ5 Plus looks and feels more luxurious on the inside. The 2017 model will also come with an upgraded wheel and MMI system.

So who do you pick?

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