2017 Nissan Leaf Tickles 238-Mile Chevy Bolt

We have been waiting for Nissan to give the Nissan Leaf a major upgrade but it looks like all they are interested in right now is to give it some small update here and there just so that stay relevant.

Nissan did not make a huge announcement but the 2017 Nissan Leaf will be coming with a bigger battery pack. The 24kWh battery will no longer be offered now. The base model will come with a 30kWh battery which will allow the Leaf to go for 104miles on a single charge. That is a significant jump from the previous base model but still far from what their rivals are offering right now.

The Chevrolet Bolt currently offers about 238miles on a single charge. More than double what the Nissan Leaf is offering.

Not only did they upgrade the battery pack but they also increase the price of the Nissan Leaf. The base model will now retail for $32,450, $3,440 more than the previous model.

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