2017 Mazda 6 Will Suffer The Same Fate As Ford

Ford’s popularity dropped drastically after they introduced the MyFord Touch system. While the infotainment system is general not why somebody decides to buy or not to buy a car but it does help.

So many people had such a bad experience with the MyFord Touch that some of them started avoiding Ford models just because of how bad the system was. It was complicated and not user-friendly and people were just tired of it.

Ford later got Blackberry to work on the new Sync 3 infotainment and their customers couldn’t be happier.

Now, it looks like Mazda will be going down the same both. Their infotainment system is not as bad as the MyFord Touch but the problem now is that it does not come with some of the latest techs like the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support.

Will people avoid the Mazda models if they knew that it does not come with both those support system?

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