2017 Mazda 6 Making The Same Mistake As Ford

Remember when Ford thought that an infotainment system was just that? An infotainment system? Well, after nearly chasing everybody off with the terrible MyFord Touch, they finally realize they mistake and replaced it all with the new Sync 3.

Well, it looks like that wasn’t a big enough lesson for all automakers to learn because it feels like Mazda is about to make the same mistake once more. The infotainment itself is not that bad but Mazda’s decision to not offer their customers the new Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support might end up being a big problem for them.

While most automakers are rushing to get the support ready for their customers, Mazda is in no hurry to offer it to their customers. The upcoming2017 Mazda 6 will most likely come without those update as well.

While it won’t come with an Android Auto or Apple CarPlay support, it will still come with a few other upgrades including a new grille and headlights.


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