2017 Lincoln Continental Giving Audi A Run For Its Money

When people talk about the Audi A6 rivals, they don’t usually mention the Lincoln Continental even though the Lincoln Continental is more than capable of giving the Audi A6 a run for its money.

In terms of design, the Lincoln Continental will definitely not be turning heads like the Audi A6 but what it does have is a luxurious and classy exterior design that will age well.

Not only does it look luxurious on the outside but the on the inside as well. The standard features would be more than enough to satisfy most people but if you need more, there is always the rear seating package which will come with features like heated seats, cooled seats, massage seats and infotainment system access for the rear passengers.

The base model will be powered by a 3.7 liter V6 engine that will be offering about 305hp. There is also a 400hp engine offered. The base model will retail for $44,560.

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