2017 Hyundai Ioniq: Self-Driving Takes Form

Self-Driving and autonomous cars are where most of the automakers are heading to right now. The latest automaker to jump onboard the self-driving train is Hyundai and their Ioniq concept.

Hyundai will be at the Los Angeles auto show where they will be showing off their new Hyundai Ioniq concept. Unlike the other Ioniq models, this new concept will come in as an autonomous concept.

According to Hyundai, their lider system will be fitted in the front bumper. The reason they wanted to do that was to make sure the Hyundai Ioniq comes looking like a normal vehicle instead of a “high school science project”.

The concept will be fitted with a long list of sensors including the blind spot radar, Smart Cruise Control radar lane keep assist camera and more. It might only be a concept now but Hyundai is clearly interested in turning it into a production model as they are also testing out some autonomous Ioniq back in South Korea.

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