2017 Honda Pilot: Hitting The Right Spot

The Honda Pilot design is still quite new which is why we are not expecting them to give the Honda Pilot on exterior upgrades but that does not mean that the 2017 Honda Pilot will not be coming with any upgrades at all.

While the exterior will remain the same, Honda customers will know that it is not the 2016 model as soon as they step in. Honda will be working to upgrade the interior of the Honda Pilot which will include redesigning the cabin so that it will have more space now.

Besides coming in with more space to offer, the Honda Pilot will also be shedding some unwanted pounds as Honda added that they will be using a lighter material to build the 2017 Honda Pilot. This should help improve the fuel economy and performance of the Honda Pilot.

What other upgrades are you hoping to see on the 2017 Honda Pilot?

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