2017 Honda Pilot Can’t Please Everybody

The Honda Pilot was pretty well received just as it is but there is still some room for improvement. Honda has already revealed some of the upgrades that they will be giving the Honda Pilot but not all their customer’s wishes were answered. Well, I guess you can please everybody.

Some of the upgrades we will be seeing on the 2017 Honda Pilot includes a new interior design. Honda aims is to redesign the interior so the Honda Pilot will have more interior space when it arrives.

We also know that Honda will be working to shave off some extra weight from the Honda Pilot with the help of lighter building materials. Despite all the changes, the exterior design and measurement will remain for now.

One of the upgrades that their customers were hoping Honda would be offering, this time, is the six-speed transmission instead of the 9-speed transmission on the Elite model but it does not look like Honda plans to offer that option this time around.

Steven Estevez

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