2017 Honda CR-V vs Toyota RAV4: Too Slow To Be A Threat?

It is all about the EV and hybrid now and while Toyota was able to cater to that need this year, Honda seems to be taking their own sweet time with the offering.

Not long after releasing the Toyota RAV4, Toyota released the hybrid model to give their customers a greener option. It has been reported that the release of the hybrid option has helped increase the sales of the RAV4 by 10%.

You would think that that would be enough to convince Honda that the CR-V needs one as well but Honda did not release any hybrid option for the CR-V this year. It is believed that a Hybrid option will be offered when the 2017 model arrives but not now.

Despite missing a hybrid option, the Honda CR-V is still on the top but the RAV4 might catch up if they continue to take it easy.

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